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You're Mist EP

by Bear-Skinned

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“Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” James 4:14 (New American Standard Bible (©1995))

This release is done in honor of anyone whom Bear-Skinned loves - past, present, and future.

The emotions that pervade the whole of the experience of love, the tremendous highs of comfort and happiness found within, and the wrenching sadness that may come from its loss, however transient either may be, are not wasted on this soul, and every single shade of that spectrum serves as a beautiful reminder of what it is like to truly live.

Thank you for letting yourself be loved. Thank you, truly.


released February 1, 2014

These tracks were written, performed, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered from January 2013 through January of 2014 by Bear-Skinned with several months of distraction in-between.

Track 3 "If Only" features Cara McHugh on vocals, many thanks.

Bear-Skinned shares his love with such supportive friends and family, and gives special recognition to fellow members of the Indian Bones Collective. ibcollective.bandcamp.com



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Bear-Skinned St Louis, Missouri

Bear-Skinned loves melody, harmony, and original thought.

Bear-Skinned identifies with every artist that puts in the time to produce their own material. The Indian Bones Collective is an organization of such artists, based in Saint Louis, MO. ... more

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Track Name: You're Mist (Intro)
6/13/13 5:30am

I remember the birds chirping when we stayed up ‘til the sunrise.
I remember cold cars on even colder nights.
I remember the shadow of a flag when it passed across a porchlight,
and I remember when I told you “I love you” for the first time.

I remember when your stomach had those butterflies.
I remember how they flew out of your throat after we kissed with closed eyes.
I remember spending that whole day in a bedroom with closed blinds,
and I remember how you had to leave and I hated the goodbye.

I remember how from there we grew
together into one from two.
I remember everything we went through,
and I remember how it felt to hold you.

But when I try to hold these memories the same way,
they slowly slip from my hands and fall away.

Like a ghost that I can’t grip,
You are Mist.
Track Name: I Miss You
1/30/13 3:25am

I miss you.

With everything I find,
I stop to reminisce.
Your toothbrush next to mine,
and all those god damn bobby pins.
The little things remind
me of little things I miss:
the color of your eyes
and how it felt when we would kiss.

I miss you.

You'd lay by my side,
and I'd be thinking this is it,
but after the goodbyes
it hasn't been quite the same since.
Now I'm up all night
trying hard not to forget
and wondering why
I feel like I've lost my best friend.

I miss you.
Track Name: If Only

Too much a sacrifice to be your friend when you sleep in someone else's bed.
Too many a memory after what we had to be simply ignored forgotten.
Too numb a wounded heart to love again when losses become repetitive.

It wasn’t all bad, what we had, but it wasn’t good enough to make you want to stay
and I got sick of fighting your worries for our love and let you run away.

If only things had changed (If only things had changed)
If only things had changed (Maybe I’d have stayed)
If only things had changed it wouldn’t end this way.

Too much a sacrifice to take you back when you’d fill my life with your demands.
Too many a memory after what we had to simply be ignored, forgotten.
Too afraid a worried brain to just forgive mistakes you made but won’t acknowledge.

It wasn’t all bad, what we had, but it wasn’t quite enough for me to stay
and I got worried sick of fighting for our love, so I left and you didn’t chase.

If only things had changed (If only things had changed)
If only things had changed (Maybe you’d have stayed)
If only things had changed it wouldn’t end this way.
Track Name: Pessimist (Interlude)
8/30/12 10:55pm

It’s petty and pessimistic,
the focus of a soliloquy spilled from a mouth filled with
poison from a source in mind,
pooled slowly on curved tongue by channel that a saboteur climbed,
rode nerve, destroyed levee and released tide
of hate that grew and grew with time
from simple source, a speck inside,
like sand in oyster, doubt in mind
layered, refined, until outside
creature tore in, released pearl
but destroyed host.
I’ll miss you most.
Track Name: Timeless. Classic.
4/29/13 3:32AM

It's settled now, my mind's been made
and though you're so sad in that broken state
I can't pass on this chance to take
the opportunity to start with a slate
so wholly new, beautifully blank

where memories of past mistakes
may guide hand to draw perfectly placed
lines that combine and create
a love to last through every age.

Timeless. Classic.
Track Name: Sometimes (Goodbye)
12/29/11 4:30pm

Somber as the moonlight that fell upon her face, she cried through painted eyes and said goodbye.
How the years fly and make us old souls of habit - tragic, an accident that happened while our backs were turned: we settled on a path well worn like animals that walk the dirt because bare earth is easier
to navigate than tall grass, where you have to make your own path.

4/24/13 3:52AM

Sometimes I’m sad for all the songs I’ve wasted on you.
Sometimes I’m happy to have loved at all.
Sometimes I’m warmed by the thought of yours eyes, then I realize
how cold it is to sleep alone.

Sometimes I think of how things will never be the same.
Sometimes I celebrate the chance to start anew.
Sometimes I feel like I’ve moved on but I then soon realize
how often I still think of you

Track Name: (I Hope You're) Happier Now
4/19/13 4:22pm

It’s safe to say I’m sad and sorry to see you go
and damned if I don’t dread that day that our door closed
but I hope you’re happier now - and that’s the truth.
That’s all I ever - wanted for you.
And I’m sorry for everything - that I did wrong
That’s what I should have said - before you’d gone.

I’ve found someone like you were when we first met
and if fate should lead us down the same damned path
well I would gladly take each goddamn step
and be happy to be given such a chance
to love like I loved you, again,
regardless of the torture at the end
And I hope you
get that chance [again] too.